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Welcome to the Can Museum!

Take a look into the Can of Nothing's past! Here you will find a lot of older content from the original incarnations of the site on Geocities that we didn't find a place for at the current site. It's all here for you to see and experience, just as people once did all those years ago! You can get a glimpse of the past CoN staff members Majin Vejita, Dan, Nana-chan, and Vash, see how bad our sense of site design was, and see what the Can of Nothing was all about during the early years.

All of the content is presented in the same way it was on the first site. So take a look around, and enjoy the zaniness of The Can of Nothing from its beginnings!

Why We did This

In here you will find something of great significance to the Can of Nothing. It is the very, very beginning of the site...before there was even an actual site! Without this, there would be no Can...


The original Can of Nothing FAQ! You might notice that at times Dan, Nana or Vash were left out of the questions and answers. The reason is I made the FAQ before any of them had joined the site. I sometimes updated it as they joined, but may have missed something or just got lazy. My apologies!

Crazy Rants

Oh, how such angry children we were back then! Such trivial problems we had. Aren't the teenage years so grand?! This section is like a primitive Live Journal, or any other kind of "spill your heart out because you are so sad and angry" blog place.

Nerds 'R' Us

Nerds Are Us was the old profile and image section. It was supposed to be just a profile page (which would make the "Nerds are Us" title more appropriate) but for some reason I added in the image gallery. And I'm not sure why Majin, Dan and Vash had no profiles. I guess they just didn't do it, because I recall Nana and I doing our own. The Photogenic Nerds section like the original Comics & Art section! Neat! It even has a guest artist!


Long before the Can of Nothing had actual movies, we did these rewrites, which are sort of like the movie spoofs we have now, but in text format! Judging by the dates on these things, it seems that the section was started by Majin. So thank you, Majin! This was probably my favourite section of the site.


Like any "weird and geeky humour" site, the Can of Nothing had a reviews section. Well, we still do, but it was also there back in the day. I intended to do lots of strange reviews, like reviewing keychains or old movie tickets, but that never happened. Laziness...


A section started by Dan. They seem more like surveys than interviews, but Dan was a unique child and had to do some things in simple ways. It was pretty interesting seeing what these people had to say, though, and it seems that being interviewed for the CoN came with some kind of prestige. Most of the interviewees were from the (now dead) message board.


I...I thought having this section would be cool. Guess not. I think it was only there because I brought it up in "The Convo...". It sort of worked out alright, though, seeing as Nana worked there at the time and I really had no idea what would go in the section. She breathed a tiny bit of life into it with her story.


This was Vash's section. I remember asking him what else he can contribute to the site, and this was the result of that conversation. I'm not sure why he stopped doing them, though. Or...maybe there was more, but it got lost in one of the host switches. We will never know. Maybe he knows...

News Archive

Thanks to Nana, in its later years at Geocities, the Can of Nothing had its very own news and updates archive! Unfortunately this only chronicles a couple of months worth of news and updates, but it's a nice way of seeing what went on back then, and some CoN staff interaction. I believe the site died soon after the most recent update there.


Just some old contact information for each of the members of the site. Two of the five of us still use the same e-mail addresses shown here. Try to guess who they are! Notice it says "Not so deceased founder of the Can of Nothing" before Majin's info. This indicates the Contact section was made after Majin kind of stopped working on the site, though he did pop in from time to time, so we put his info there.

Banner Gallery

Throughout the years The Can of Nothing has changed and evolved, and so have its banners! You know, the thing at the top that sports the can and the name of the site... Come in here to see the past Can banners! They are poorly made!