Mime Box

Serving Size 4 (2388g)
Servings Per Container 3

Amounts Per Serving %DV
Phil Art 54%
Inkblort 81%
How MARVEL-ous 9%
Mime Box 18%
Reworded 21%
Miscellaneous 67%
Social Media Vitamins %DV
YouTube 33%
Facebook 33%
Twitter 33%

* Page fact values are based on a diet of watching Can films 24 hours, 7 days a week until you're awesome.

61 72 74 68 75 72 6e 6f 6d 69 63 73

Back in 2001, a site called the Mime Box was born. It was a gallery of simple and weird
drawings done in school by Derek, Phil, and many others. It didn't last long,
and then later returned as Mime Box 2.0, which also didn't last long. The sites had some
weird/stupid/funny/stupid stuff though, so their content is archived futher below!


NEWEST (Added Oct. 2005)

Zombie (Derek)
Jesus comes to Canada (Derek)
Hulk Hogan as Mr. Nanny (Derek and Phil)
Owen Wilson's Nose Gum (Derek)
Daredevil Lips (Derek and Phil)
Lady Guile and George Lucas (Derek and Arthur)
Arthur by Marc Brown (Derek)
Money Maker's Tip #47 (Derek)
Card Captor Sakura (Derek)
Think of the fish (Derek)
Evil Rhinox (Derek)
Santa (Derek)
Skeleton Valentine (Derek)
Why our town? (Derek)
McHojo Dynasty (Derek)



Captain Mufasa (Arthur)
Catgibson (CLOUDJU)


(Old Mime Box archives)