Serving Size 3 (9133g)
Servings Per Container 44

Amounts Per Serving %DV
Store 98%
Classic Can T-Shirt 9%
Ashby Merchandise 11%
Leggy Light Linens 86%
Social Media Vitamins %DV
YouTube 33%
Facebook 33%
Twitter 33%

* Page fact values are based on a diet of watching Can films 24 hours, 7 days a week until you're awesome.

61 72 74 68 75 72 6e 6f 6d 69 63 73

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Featured Product

The Can of Nothing Wristband

These rubber/silicone Can of Nothing wristbands will finally make having arms worthwhile! But buy quick, because we have a limited quantity of LESS THAN 10!!!

Each wristband also comes with a super secret bonus goodie prize at no extra cost!

Want to see what they look like in action? Check out our wristband promo video right here: CLICK.

Other Products

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Classic Can

Show your allegiance with the classic Can of Nothing logo shirt! Impress all your friends, because you'll likely be the only one in your neighbourhood wearing one!

This is the shirt we wore when we met video game TV personality Victor Lucas in Podcast #25!


Can't think of ways to threaten your boss during that smoke break? Let Ashby do the job for you!

This is the shirt that got us recognized at Fan Expo 2008!

Leggy Light

From the hit "Trashimation Theatre Live: The Lion King" comes a shirt design of our interpretation of Nala, otherwise known as "Leggy." Guys like legs, so why not wear them on your chest?

This is the shirt that has more legs than any other shirt in the world!